Friday, July 20, 2007


Just a quick post today.

July 4, we spent doing chores around the house and garden and then we went to Amery to watch the fireworks.

Cynthia (Richard's sister) and Jimmy came to visit for a couple of days (midnight on Sat. the 7th thru Monday morning). It was really nice to see them. Sarah really attached herself to Jimmy and was sad that she wasn't awake when they left.

The girls left for Girls' Camp on the 10th. They came home the 13th. It was cold and rainy most of the time. The boys (Richard, John and Michael) went to Scout Camp on the 14th. They've had a mix of cool & rain, and hot and humid, but the last 2 days have just been perfect. (about 80 with 50% humidity) They will come home tonight.

With the kids that were left at home, I took to the science museum and the zoo.

Today, Alisha, Emily, Sarah & Daniel built a fort in the woods, dressed up and they were the 'Keepers of the Key.' Tamara--recognize Alisha's dress?

That's all for today.


Sunday, July 1, 2007

June 2007

June was a busy month. School ended on the 6th and Alisha, John and Emily got to go to Valley Fair on the last day of school with FFA and FCCLA. Just because school ended, didn't mean that we were done with school. Summer school started on the 12th. Daniel was in Pre-Kindergarten, where they learned how to be kindergarteners. Sarah took Outdoor Education, Kids in the Kitchen (cooking), and computers. Emily and Michael both had Outdoor Education and Swimming, and then Michael also had Golf, and Emily took computers. Michael rather liked the Golf class, and Emily and Michael became quite strong swimmers. Summer School went for 3 weeks and just ended on Friday.

Alisha started Drivers' Ed, taking the class in New Richmond every morning from 8:00-10:30. There was a group of kids from Clear Lake going, so they carpooled to get there. It also went for 3 weeks. During the first week, she got dropped off at the school for Marching Band practice. Which then went till noon every day. Emily then had to be there for Jr. High band practice from 1-3. The parade season started June 16 in Clayton. Emily also got to march with the High School band carrying the flag.

Clear Lake Days were June 22 & 23. My friend in town had a garage sale on the 22nd and invited me to join her. We did O.K. (much better than I'd EVER done having a sale by myself), and I almost broke even with what I spent at the other garage sales! :-)

The Parade was on the 23rd. Sarah and I marched with the Girl Scouts, Emily marched with the Jr. High, and Emily and Alisha marched with the High School. Later that day, Emily and John both worked at the cheese curd stand for FFA.

During the last week of Summer School, I helped put on a Girl Scout/Cub Scout day camp. Most of us who were the leaders had older Girl and Boy Scouts that needed service hours, so they helped us run the camp. It was actually quite a successful camp. The Brownies I worked with completed 4 Try-It badges during the week. Most days we met at the school after summer school, we all ate lunch, and then we walked to the park down by the lake where we took over a pavillion and grassy area. One day we stayed in town, and went to the town museum and town cemetary. The kids had a good time (and we came up with an idea for John's Eagle project!)

On the 25th, Alisha had her Track Awards night. They don't have JV track, so she is running Varsity level, and earned her Varsity Letter as a freshman. She also won the award for most improved.

John's birthday was on the 29th. He's 17! I had daycamp, so we didn't do much, but that night, we all went to see 'Ratatouille'. It is a very good movie, and I highly recommend it. Then we came home and had DQ ice cream cake.

I had a suprise today. I was called to be 11 yr old scout leader. Why not? One more scouting notch on the belt, eh?

I guess that's all for today. Perhaps I'll get on before August.