Sunday, March 30, 2008

March 30, 2008

March 30, 2008

Well, I think spring may finally be on the way. It is nearly 50 degrees this afternoon and the snow is melting at a rapid pace. We didn’t get near the snowfall that Madison and other areas of WI got this year (Madison got nearly 90” this year!) but, it was so cold that what we did have never melted. We haven’t seen the ground since Dec 1. So, what’s for tomorrow? A Winter Storm watch! Fantastic. I love April snows—big, fat, fluffy flakes that don’t stay very long.

I have been busy busy busy. I turned the page on my calendar, and it is already full!

I finished up my Humanities class, took the final and have now started Humanities 202. Last week I finished my New Testament class and just have the final to take for it.

Daniel had his birthday on March 8 and turned 6 years old. He only wanted to invite the 2 kids from church that are his age for his birthday party, so we just invited their families as well, and had a nice get together for all 3 families.

Michael’s birthday was this week on the 26th. He turned 12. He had a friend come over on Friday when we had no school (end of the quarter), and they played the new game that Michael got for the Wii. He was ordained a Deacon today after church.

Rehearsals for ‘Oklahoma!’ are going well. I’m very pleased with the quality of production we are putting on here. It is our best ever, I think. We have some new people that have really added to our company. We open in 3 weeks. (April 18)

I’m helping in the art room once a week. I help with the 1st and 4th graders. We really have a nice art program at our school, but the teacher only has 1 arm, and needs an extra set of hands every once in a while. I’m really enjoying it.

Alisha has started track. Her first track meet is tomorrow. She also got a gold at Regional STAR events for FCCLA and will be going to the state convention in April. Her jazz saxophone choir got a 1 at the jazz festival this week. She loved being in gymnastics, and is sad to put it on hold while she does track.

Sarah had a field trip to the Science museum in March and I got to chaperone. Her and Daniel’s dance recital was at the end of Feb. I’m not sure they knew what they were doing, but they sure were cute!

Michael gets to go in for his first Orthodontic screening this month. Lucky kid is missing 3 permanent teeth, so he needs work to hold things in place or make room for future dental work. Woo Hoo!
John is on the yearbook staff so he has put in extra hours after school working on the yearbook lately. He has been taking Desktop Publishing this year and really seems to enjoy it. We need to find a career for him that goes more towards that line, I think.
Emily’s FFA quiz bowl team got 1st place in Sectionals, and then 2nd place in the Regionals. They missed going to state by very little.
Richard got a promotion at work that starts April 1st. New responsibilities, etc. We’re not sure how it will affect his hours or anything yet.

Well, Happy Birthday to Cynthia, Mom H., & Dad D.! Speaking of Dad's birthday. That day will mark the 20th anniversary of Richard & I getting engaged...
my...we were so young then!