Sunday, June 27, 2010

P 365 June 8-June 27

This will be a long post. I've got 3 weeks to show ;-). Between going to Utah, etc., I haven't had a chance to get things uploaded, but I have still been taking pictures, and I'm almost halfway through the year!

June 7, I got this much of the quilt put together. Now, I have a 8 inch border to stick on it.

June 8 was Alisha's track banquet. This is her being recognized as one of the seniors leaving the team. She was a long distance runner. Ran the 1 & 2 mile.

June 9, The Young Women went canoeing to get ready for camp. Michael & I even got to get out on the canoe as well.

June 10, I picked flowers from my garden. So pretty!

Friday, the 11th, Alisha packed up the car and got ready to go. This is our last family picture for a while. We left about 6pm and drove all NIGHT.

Saturday we drove ALL DAY. We even drove through Yellowstone on our way to Rexburg, ID to stay with my sister Jenny for a couple of nights. We saw these guys on our way through Wyoming.
Sunday morning we all got ready for church and discovered that all the girls were wearing black skirts. Alissa didn't really want to be in the picture, but she is one of the big girls now too!

Monday morning, we left Rexburg, and drove to Orem, UT where we stayed at my brother Carl's house. Monday night we went to dinner at my Uncle Randy & Aunt Becky's house in Salem. They live across the street from a vacant lot that is now a very nice park. Other cousins came to join us for dinner, and the kids had fun playing on the playground while the rest of us sat around and talked. It was a beautiful, warm evening. Just couldn't have been nicer!
Tuesday I went to dinner with a couple of friends from Torrance, CA who now live in Utah. We used to go to seminary and dances together. I haven't seen them for 20+ years, but thanks to Facebook, we reconnected. Barbara and Deanna & I had a lovely dinner and can't wait to get together again!!
Wednesday we went to Thanksgiving Point with my cousin Tamie and her husband kids and her mom, my Aunt Ardis. It was very nice to see them again. We went through the Museum of Ancient Life there and saw dinosaurs. Then we toured the gardens and went and saw the animals.

Thursday the girls and I went to Temple Square. We did the tour of the Conference Center and the Relief Society Building. We also heard a rehearsal of the Mormon Youth Symphony & Chorus reunion concert.

Friday June 18 was Freshman Orientation for Alisha and me (parents). There was a group meeting for all of us, then they went in their Y-groups for lunch, and the parents went to lunch elsewhere.. We got her checked into her dorm, and then there was another program in the evening. I said goodbye before she left to go to her dance.

Emily & I started home on Saturday (June 19). Traveling through Heber City, I saw a group of hot air balloons. I had to stop & take a picture.

We finally made it home about 1pm on Sunday. I took a tour of my garden and found the peonies bloomed while I was gone, but we also got monsoon rains and they about killed the flowers. I do like how they are the same color as the sweet williams that bloom at the same time, though. :-)

I came home from work on Monday (the 21st) and found Michael & Daniel having a friendly game of Battleship.

Ice cream was on sale this week. Good flavors too. S'mores, peach pie, rootbeer float, and this lemonade swirl. I believe in ice cream with stuff in it over plain vanilla any day.

Another flower shot. This is an astilbe which I could never grow in Utah, but they grow wonderfully here!! (on the other hand, there were flowers I could grow in Utah, but I can't grown here.)

We have our old couch on our porch. Kids started getting stung and we noticed more bees hanging around the couch. After watching it, I moved the cushions and found this being built inside it. Gah! Later that evening when they were all home, I pulled out the bee/wasp spray and sprayed it.

This is a picture of my favorite app for my phone--the Gospel Library. It has everything I need for my scripture study and lesson preparation (not that I ever go to Sunday School--I'm in the Nursery). I use it daily. Even Sarah has started using it to read the scriptures on.

Saturday was the Clear Lake Days parade. I've included 2 pictures for this day. Picture 1 is Sarah's Girl Scout Troop and Picture 2 is Daniel's Cub Scout Pack getting ready for the parade. Emily also marched with the band, but she really doesn't like me taking pictures. :-)

Having a big tractor tire garden may not be the most high class yard decor, but this came with my yard. I have tried many things over the years, and this planting done several years ago is working quite well now. The yellow daylillies and yellow sedum bloom at the same time and the same color yellow. Plus, the sedum is now so thick, that weeds can't grow through. And the hosta just looks nice with it..
Have a fantastic week!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

P365 May 31-June 6

Happy Memorial Day! I got to spend the day at work. It was a crazy busy day. Emily played in the band at the ceremony at the cemetary. Alisha & Michael went to watch. Richard, Sarah & Daniel went and got new tires for the car.
These are my iris that are blooming. I think their coloring is really pretty.

Wednesday night Richard worked on the brakes on his car. I took a picture of the radio on the wall. This is my old boombox that I got for my 16th birthday. Now it is just a shadow of its former self, but it still plays music! :-)

Thursday was the end of the year elementary school picnic. Alisha came and joined us too.
Friday was the last day of school. Richard & Michael went to the Scout Spring Camporee, John was gone at Jenny's house, Alisha went to Valley Fair, and Emily had a potluck at a friend's house, so I took Sarah & Daniel to dinner at McDonald's and then we went to the movies & saw 'Marmaduke.' Not a bad family movie, really. Daniel really liked it.

Saturday we went to a really cool petting zoo in Amery. It had goats, fainting goats, yaks, a camel, a wallaby, a llama, tortises, an otter and other creatures you usually don't see at a petting zoo.

Alisha & Dad sitting out on the porch on a cool Sunday afternoon. It is Alisha's last Sunday at home as we leave on Friday to take her to Utah!!

Have a great week!