Sunday, April 25, 2010

P 365 April 19-25

Alisha's 18th birthday was on the 15th, but her life is so busy, that we didn't get to having her cake until the 19th, and that wasn't until after the band concert that night, and then it was so late at night, that all we did was the candles and presents. We finally got around to eating it on the 23rd. (It was an ice cream cake, so it lived in the freezer until we ate it, we really didn't eat week old stale cake).

This is one of the fascinating daffodils in my garden.

14 inches of hair... that is what is about to come off.

For Earth Day, the school had a hair drive for Locks of Love. It took 4 pony tails to chop off my hair. Sarah and Daniel got to help cut them off. Then I made a quick trip to a local beauty parlor to get it trimmed up, and then I re-colored my roots myself.

I do like having a variety of spring flowers growing in my garden, and enough of them so that I can bring some in the house and still have a lot left in the garden.

Alisha and Emily went to prom with a group of 6 girls. They were very beautiful, and had a good time.

We had stake conference today, which meant driving to Oakdale, MN. On the way out of Amery, there is a llama/alpaca ranch. I've always wanted to take pictures of them. Apparently, they are near shaving time, because their coats are very full. They were far away when I stopped, but when I got out of the car, they ran up to the fence to come see me. I think they have very adorable faces.
Have a great last week of April & start of May!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

p365 April 12-18

Day 100!! Wow!
Monday, Richard took the tractor out to the garden and plowed it up. Now I actually have to get out there and start planting.

Tuesday I went to a quilt show/dinner. I didn't take a class this year, so I didn't have a quilt to show, but it was celebrating the retirement of the organizer of the show who I had taken several classes from in the past, so I went with my friend, Mary. (how's that for a sentence?)

This is what I got with part of our tax refund. A wheat grinder!! Now it makes sense to store wheat, now that I can use it.

Thursday was actually Alisha's birthday, but she had track meet. Michael had his Jr. High choir concert. The choir where the boys are in two distinct groups: tall and short.

Is there such thing as a bad daffodil picture? They are in FULL bloom.

Daniel attended the stake pinewood derby on satruday. Here he is waiting to race. He only won two heats, and didn't place. He was a little upset, and as we left, he said, "I'm not happy, Bob. Not Happy." (quoting the insurance guy from 'the Incredibles') A lunch at McDonalds on the way home cheered him up a bit.

John spent this weekend in Souix Falls, SD at a Young Adult Conference. Sunday night I went to go pick him up from his ride's house. in the picture are: (new girl, Jordan, Jackie, John, Jenny)
It is a beautiful week.
You have a great week too!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

p365 April 5-11 99 days

What is this arrow pointing at? part of 10 hours of work that Alisha put in on her prom dress over Easter Break. The dress fit her exactly perfect. Unfortunately, that meant that she couldn't move in it. So, we took the seam out, and then she took the skirt off, re sewed the seams (in the lining and dress) wider, added extra to the trim, put the skirt back on, and re beaded the dress. She also sewed straps on the dress, and added a bit of tulle on top to be more modest. She did a fantastic job and saved nearly $100 in alteration fees.

This is the easter Lily that was given to me by the art teacher that I work with.

Hermione loves her boxes. Even if we have fun putting things on top of her.

Forsooth! a Forsythia! My favorite spring shrub, and I don't have one in my yard, so therefore I am resigned to take pictures of ones that live in other yards.

Alisha and Emily were in a play at school called 'Big Bad.' The Big Bad Wolf was on trial and the different characters that had dealings with the wolf were there to testify. Alisha and Emily were 2 of the three pigs. The wolf's lawyer was the 'Evil Stepmother', the plantiff's attorney was the Fairy Godmother, and the judge was the wise old woman. Also there were Red Riding Hood, her grandmother & woodsman, the 3 pigs, Miss Muffet (who turned out to be the adopted human sister of the wolf, and the step daughter to the Evil Stepmother), and old shepherd and her son, the boy who cried wolf. Cute play.
File this one under: One more project. When at the fabric store, getting items for Alisha's dress, I saw this yarn and wanted to knit. Alisha picked the colors. I work on it on my break at work, riding in the car, and while waiting for kids

Sunday brings the best day of the week. Not only do I teach music in Primary to the 3-11 yr olds, but I also get to go in to the Nursery and sing with the 18 month-3 yr olds. This is our nursery class getting ready for music time. We have pictures that represent the songs, and the children take turns picking the pictures. Its so fun!
Well, Sunday's picture marks day 99. Cool!
Have a great week!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

P365 March 29-April 4

Sarah took the picture for March 29. I guess this is a better way of playing games on the TV. :-)

March 30 was Solo/Ensemble. Both Alisha and Emily participated (but only Alisha let me watch her). Emily played a clarinet solo, and was in a clarinet choir and a vocal trio. Alisha was in a woodwind choir (that gets to go to State!!) and did a flute solo, and 2 vocal solos. She participated in the Musical Theatre division, and you have to do a traditional number as well as the theatre piece.

Tuesday and Wednesday I put together a rather emotional quilt. Emma is a friend of my 4 yr old niece Ruby. Emma has had cancer since she was 2 yrs old, and doesn't look like it will be much longer for her here on earth, so Ruby's mom gathered these quilt squares from her preschool class and had me put them together.

Another sign of spring: The Red wing Blackbirds have appeared in the cattails accross the road from our house. If you have never heard a redwing blackbird's call, it is very unique with trills and chirps. I can't come close to imitating it.
The kids had Easter Break starting on Thursday. On Friday, Sarah had a friend over and they all colored eggs. They go back on Tuesday.

Saturday the Easter Bunny hid eggs all over the yard. Usually, I am hoping for crocuses in time for Easter, but this year was so warm and early, that LOOK! I have a few daffodils too!! I am loving this spring! We had absolutely NO snow during the month of March.

"Come, Listen to a Prophet's voice." We believe that the leader of our church is a Prophet of God who speaks for God in these Latter Days. Saturday and Sunday (and the first weekends every April and October) we have our Church's General Conference where we get to hear the words of Living Prophets and Apostles-other special witnesses of Jesus Christ. We spent Saturday and Easter Sunday listening to our leaders declare the divinity of Christ and give us other council for our times.
Have a great week!