Sunday, December 26, 2010

p365 Nov 1-7

Fall colors in the morning. This time along Lake Magnor.
Another Cornfield picture. I like the cornfields I guess.
November is Catalog time. This just what came in about 3 days. Love shopping by mail and the Internet!!
The Missionaries came for dinner and a short lesson. It was nice to feel their spirit in our home.
not a very good picture, but these are monster feet meatloaves. Yummy!
Nov 6 was National Digital Scrapbooking day. I spent the day on my computer and got a number of layouts done.
Nov 7, John was ordained an Elder in the Melchizedek Priesthood. Richard and I went to his ward to see him ordained. This is us taking pictures of each other after wards.

It was a good week.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

P365 Oct 25-31

Monday was the Senior High Fall Concert. . As part of that, they have a student art show of sorts where the kids in the choir do a piece about America or one of the songs they are singing. In this concert, they sang an arrangement of 'Jabberwocky'. These are Michael's drawings from the poem: The Furious Bandersnack and the Jub Jub Bird.
It rained and rained and rained for several days. These are our pre-carved pumpkins after sitting out for a few days. Nice and shiny.
So, after raining and raining, it decided to snow. Not much, but definitely the first snow of the year.
Getting near Halloween. Time for some fun food. These were the mummy dogs we had for dinner.
The Friday before Halloween I got to dress up for work. Mohawk, tatts, and blue hair and black makeup. It was quite the look.
Saturday we carved our pumpkins. Shown are Daniel's, Michael's and Sarah's. Mine was a cool C3PO, but for some reason, I don't have a picture of that. We stayed up way too late getting them done. And for what? We didn't go out on Halloween, because it was on Sunday, and no one ever comes to our house because we are way out of town.
Despite the snow earlier in the week, Halloween weekend had very mild, pretty weather.


p365 Oct 18-24

For Home Evening this week, we watched a video by President Uchtdorf on Patience.

Sunsets over a lake can be really gorgeous. I think this one is over Lake Wapogassett.

these two pictures are the same--the birds are added to both of them, but I photoshopped one of them--can you guess which one? :-)

We had Pack Meeting in the park. We had these cool 'firepits' made out of hollow logs. By the time the logs themselves caught fire and split in half, the insides were perfect marshmallow melting coals.

We had had our first good frosts and killed my garden down, so it was finally time to get the bulbs that I got for my birthday planted. Got to do that for spring!

This is me writing my paper....ok., the mess I leave while doing it.
We had extra pumpkins sitting around the house, so Sarah decided she wanted to make pie. So we cut it up and cooked it in the microwave, and then Sarah turned it into pie. She is turning into quite the little baker.

see y'all later

P365 Oct 11-17

These little guys moved into the field across the street from our house. I believe they are destined for the freezer, but they are cute!
Fall colors in the late afternoon sun are just so beautiful!

Richard took the week off to work on getting the wood pile finished. Here is Daniel 'driving' the tractor while he helps.

Here is Michael really driving a load of wood to the pile. They take the log splitter out to the woods, chop and split the wood out there, load it into the bucket and take it to the pile.

In Cub Scouts the boys were doing pushups and sit ups, etc. to work on their Bear badge. This is Daniel's unique take on push-ups.

My friend Meleda had a Witch's 'Tea' Party for her women friends and family. (This is another friend, Jennifer, in the picture). We were told to come in costume, and it was a very formal tea. It was a lot of fun!!

This is my sleepy kitty asleep in my room. Being that I'm posting this quite a bit after the picture was taken kind of makes me sad, because soon after this picture was taken (a day or two later), she went on walkabout and never returned. :-(

'till next time!