Sunday, February 28, 2010

p365 Feb 22-28

Monday morning I drove Richard to the airport so he could go to California for a business trip. On the way home from the airport, I stopped in Woodbury to take a picture of this townhouse. We stayed here from Oct-Dec 1998 when we first moved out here until we found a house to buy. This is about an hour from Clear Lake, which meant Richard had a long commute every morning and evening. I showed Richard this picture, and he didn't even recongize it. I said it was because he so rarely saw it in the light. It would be dark when he left, and dark when he came back. The kids & I however, saw it all the time as I homeschooled during that time, and we were there practically 24/7 except for our 'field trips' when we explored this new state and environs.

On Tuesday (2-23), Emily got to take care of the 'RealCare Baby' for her 'Planning and Decision Making' class that all sophomores have to take. This baby cries and then you have to figure out why, and then fix it. Yes, the baby cries in the middle of the night too. When John and Alisha had the baby, they were downstairs on a seperate level from me, and I didn't hear it, but Emily sleeps on the same floor as me, and it woke me up at 1:30 and 5am. Luckily, Emily woke up with it too, so I didn't have to get up! :-)

Wednesday, all the cookies came in the house to be sorted (if you haven't gotten them yet--they are coming!!)
Thursday, Richard came home!!!

Friday on my way home from work, I saw these snow formations on the side of the road. It was sunset, and the light was very striking on them.

On Saturday, we had a baby shower x5 at church, as there has been quite the baby boom in our ward lately. It was a lot of fun--and NO, I am not next!

After church on Sunday, we had the meeting for Girls Camp. Alisha will be in school when camp is, so she can't go (but she is standing in for Emily, who does not like photos). The girls are going to a new camp this year as we are now in a new stake, but the new camp sounds awesome too, with an observatory and a butterfly house!
Well, have a great week--MARCH means SPRING is coming! REALLY!!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

P365 Feb 15-21

February may be the shortest month on the calendar, but it really is the longest. There just isn't much to break it up, and it is just cold.

On Monday (2-15) I worked on the quilt, getting the first stage of making Flying geese. These are 2 squares 9 & 7 1/2 inches layered, pressed, and then a diagonal line drawn on them. (I then sew down both sides of the line, cut, re-layer, re-sew, cut again--lots of steps, but out of 2 squares, I can make 4 flying geese blocks) My mp3 player is in the picture because I was listening to the audio book 'Great Expectations' while working.
Tuesday brought exciting news as Alisha got her acceptance letter to BYU-Provo! She starts summer term, so she will be going out 3 weeks after graduation.

Wednesday, I started my absolutely final GE class. Advanced Writing (Eng. 315-Writing in the Social Sciences). YAY!!

Thursday night was our Blue & Gold event for Cub Scouts. We had a Happy Birthday BSA party since the Boy Scouts turned 100 years old this year. Our gifts were items for the food shelf that we brought.

Friday night I had a candle party (Party Lite). As per course of my life, not many people showed up, (and I forgot to take a picture at the acutal party) but this is a picture of the leftover Brownies that I made for the party. The bottom ones were peanut butter swirl, and the top ones were Heath bar Brownies. (there is still time to order online if you want--it will even be shipped directly to your house!!) :-)

Saturday some friends organized a tubing party. Sarah and Daniel are the only ones I got to come with me. We had a ball! The weather was great! This was not the tubing of my childhood..this was organized with a ride to the top of the hill, and groomed trails of different thrill levels. It was really a lot of fun. This was the first time I had been tubing since I was a teenager. Really...I have not been one for winter outdoor activities, but I repent. :-)

Today we had potluck after church. It sure is hard to sit through Sacrament meeting when really good smells are wafting through the building, but the knowledge that you can eat right after instead of waiting to drive home makes it worth it!

Have a great week!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

P365 Feb 7-14

This week I will have 8 pictures instead of 7 because I've decided to do Monday to Sunday instead of Sunday to Saturday.

Last Sunday, Daniel's best friend Elizabeth had her baptism.

On Monday the 8th Michael and I went to 8th grade night for high school registration

On Tuesday, we re-discovered the Wii Fit. Most of us have used it at least once a day since. That Wii boxing can really hurt your arms! This is Sarah doing the hula hoop.

Wednesday night I spent time sewing. I'm gonna get that quilt done! (I finished all 36 of these blocks on Saturday)

Thursday night we went to a 65th birthday party for a ward member at a hotel. They let us go swimming. I couldn't find my suit, but the kids had fun! :-)

Friday, just as I was about to go to work, I was curling ribbon, and my finger slipped with the scissors on it and hit a cup. The cup stopped the fingers, but the scissors kept going and went right into my finger. I wrapped it in a paper towel and went to work. When I got there, it was still bleeding and bleeding, I showed it to my boss and we both agreed that I would be better off heading to the ER. So off I went. 2 hours and 2 stitches later, I went back to work.

Saturday night Richard & I went to the Bishopric's dinner at church. The Bishop talked about his trip to Mexico and some of the sites that he saw.

We were supposed to talk in church on Sunday the 24th but church was cancelled because of ice. So we got rescheduled for today (which we found out yesterday). But we had all our talks ready to go. This is a picture of Michael's talk which was titled: 'Michael's Awesome Talk'.

have a great week!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday, February 7, 2010

P365 Jan 31-Feb 6

It was the 31st and Michael thought he needed to be in my set of January pictures

Monday, Feb 1, it was time to clean out the Freezer. I took out all varieties of meat, beans & tomato sauces and made 'clean-the-freezer' Chili. Feb 2-IT's Groundhog Day!! I took the chance to watch my once a year favorite movie. Thanks to Netflix for putting it on the 'watch-it-now' list so I didn't have to go search my DVD collection. :-)
The Girls had New Beginnings for Young Women's on Wednesday night. They had a 'game show' called 'Choose the Right.' I was able to catch a picture of the hardest subject in the world: Emily smiling.
Feb 4 was the 100th day of school. I found myself getting misty as it was our last 100 day celebration. We never celebrated it when I was in school, but sometime between me being in elelmentary school, and John entering 14 years ago, it became a regular occurance to celebrate for grades preschool-2nd grade. The kids make collections of 100 objects, or bring in 100 pennies to donate, and they do all sorts of activities to show the number 100. Daniel is in 2nd grade, so this was my last 100 day.
Daniel & Elizabeth have been friends since they were babies.-aren't they cute? Elizabeth turned 8 this week & Daniel was one of the couple of guests at the party.
Saturday Sarah got her ears pierced. We do it at age 10 in our family. Sarah & I went out for lunch and some shopping as well. This is her right after the first ear, and before the 2nd.
That about does it for the week. have a great week!!