Thursday, August 16, 2007

It was SO good to see you!

I just went to my 20th class reunion (Yay Class of '87!). Now, I graduated with 532 other people, so the chance of knowing my whole class was slim, let alone 20 years later with added adipose tissue, wrinkles, and missing hair. So why did I go? Three Words: The Gutter Gang.
We weren't jocks or 'pretty people.' We were what was left. Most of us had several classes together--but we clicked. I'm not sure why I clicked with this group, but they accepted me for who I was, 'The Mormon Girl,' and just let me be a friend. The name 'Gutter Gang' came about our Senior Year. These people liked me. They are the ones, who after a 10 year separation greeted me with a hug and a "It is SO good to see you!"

Our 10 year reunion was highly surreal for me. I had left California to go to college and never went back. I hadn't really stayed in touch with anyone as I got married and started a family. I had found a few people online before the reunion, but that was mainly to see if there was going to BE a reunion. When we got together that year in '97, we knew we had to stay in touch. We all had e-mail by then and we have stayed more or less in touch with e-mail, Christmas Cards, etc. since.
This time around, for our 20th, it was much easier to connect because we didn't have to start over, even though we are now all over the country. It just made the reunion all the more sweet. To reconnect, in person, with people who were genuinely glad to see me. I know there were others there who could have not cared less that I was there or even remembered who I was, but the Gutter Gang knew me, loved me, and were glad to see me. I was very glad to have seen them too.
-GG '87!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

This last picture I know I'd posted before--just a test on doing a direct link with webshots. Gives a bigger picture than the old links did...
I'll be giving our California travelogue soon.

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