Saturday, November 1, 2008


Our Halloween Activities started last week. The Cub Scouts & Girl Scouts (there are a couple of us on both committees) had a combined Halloween Party at the school. I went as Sarah Palin, and caused a stir among the Democrats in attendance. Sarah went as a cat, Daniel as Spiderman, Michael, a wizard, and Alisha & Emily came along to help with face painting & other activities.

Halloween Day was a lot of fun too. The kids had the day off school. Richard took the day off, and had them help around the house during the day. I had to work. Or rather, Sarah Palin had to work at McDonald's. :-) Some people wished me luck on Tuesday. If I saw them whispering & pointing from a distance, I would wink & point at them. I think I have the employee costume contest nailed (pictures were taken with voting to be later). :-)

That night, Alisha & Emily went to a party at a friend's house. Richard dressed as my secret service agent & we took Michael, Sarah & Daniel out Trick-or-Treating. John stayed home. This time Sarah went as a goth 50s girl, though she said she was also being Piper Palin. It was about 45 degrees, so they lasted about 1 hour, though that was plenty of time to pull in a good haul!

Then we went & filled up the car at $2.29 a gallon. This morning I saw in the next town that it was $2.19! We filled up for less than $40! It has been a long time since that happened!