Sunday, September 26, 2010

p 365 Sept 20-26 Fall is here

This vista is directly across the street from my house. Really. Scenes like this is why we ended up here. It was this time of year when we were house hunting and we got hooked.
Finally got John talked into getting a haircut. LOL. Trust me, this is much shorter than it was before the haircut.

On Wednesday, our ward passed out flyers and bags for a food drive in Barron.

Thursday was our first day of Girl Scouts for the new year. I've been the leader of some of these girls since Kindergarten and they are now in 5th and 6th grade.

Find the picture of the field I took in the 2nd week of Sept. This is what it looked like after 2 solid days and several inches of rain. That's the extent of the flooding we got. Areas south of us got 10+ inches of rain and much more flooding.

Saturday we had the food drive pick up. I forget the total number of pounds, but it was a lot of food. Thanks Barron! The food shelf is very greatful.

I love fall. I found this scene somewhere between Prairie Farm and Dallas (WI) on CR A. It wasn't until I looked at it on the computer today that I found the hawk sitting on the top of the tree. Awesome.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

P 365 Sept 13-19

The school finally got to giving out the plaques for the 2nd semester of last year. Michael is planning to get a whole collection of these.

Tuesday was our Scout sign up. The Girl Scouts were on one side of the hallway, and the Cub Scouts were on the other side of the room. Our Girl Scouts had about a 90% re-registration last spring, so we didn't get very many girls signing up, but the Cub Scouts had a line going around the corner.
I burned my hand at work about a week and a half ago. It is healing slowly but surely. The scabby area is where it was blistered and hurt the worst. Gorgeous picture--I know. :-)

Thursday night was our first Pack Meeting of the year. Daniel is now a Bear Scout.

I had to knock out one of my other pictures this week to showcase this bit of family drama. I earlier have posted pictures of my mountain ash tree that the birds have slowly been killing. Richard decided it was time for it to come down. When we came home from the parade, (next picture) the branches were all cut off, and Sarah burst into tears. It was her favorite climbing tree. She spent time saying goodbye to the tree before Richard knocked it down with the tractor.

Saturday was the Amery Fall Festival Parade. This is the Clear Lake Band. It was definately fall, with the temperature hovering right around 48 degrees. Luckily, it was sunny.

The temps weren't much warmer on Sunday, and I decided it was time to pull out the boots and tights to wear to church to try to stay warm.

P365 Sept 6-12

Sept 6 was Labor Day and my birthday. I got to work because it was a holiday, but when I came home, the family had bbq hamburgers for me and Sarah made me this cake-from scratch. She's 10. The chocolate cake was about the consistency of brownies, but it was still really good. With all the candles facing inward, it was quite the conflagration when it was lit.
This is a hay field just down the road from our house. I haven't quite figured out why they grow all the hay, because as far as I can see, all they ever do, is line the haybales up in rows, and just leave it there, where they rot & start to grow and just make little hills.

I went shopping at WalMart-a good stockup shop. These are my all time favorite crackers from them, and at only $1.85 a box, I just can't pass them up!

I have an Autumn Joy Sedum that has been in a pot all summer because I haven't gotten to putting it in the ground. It is starting to bloom, and this butterfly (nope. moth) decided it was a good place to rest.

It has been so wet this summer, that there is now a good crop of mushrooms growing. I found this fairy out there one day. :-)
Sept 11. Daniel and I went out shopping together.

Sunday afternoon I looked up and realized the sky had changed. It is now the perfect, clear blue that I like to call September Blue. It happens when the angle of the sun changes. I love Spring, but Fall is a close second.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

p365 Aug 23-Sept 5 (2 weeks!!)

I had some Internet issues last week, so last week's pictures didn't get posted. So if you don't mind, here are 2 weeks' worth of pictures.
Aug 23- This is one very comfy kitty.
Michael came up with this 'device' to carry in a lot of groceries in from the car at one time

The kids played softball for mutual on Wed. He says to tell you that he owned everyone. Sure, whatever you say. :-)
Richard & I drove to the temple and went over the Stillwater lift bridge. Its kind of amazing that the water level is still this high at the end of August. When it is low, you can walk down by those pylons.
I took the kids shoe shopping. I was helping Daniel get shoes, Sarah was behind me and found some, and then Michael came around the corner to show me the shoes he found. Yes, all 3 of them got the same shoes--Sarah got the high tops.

Just a very cool Pontiac I found in a parking lot.

This is a tree on our way to town. The colors are starting to change. Fall is on its way.

The town of Amery has a couple of raptor nest sites around town. This one is by the lights to the outdoor hockey rink. There is a nesting couple & chicks. I could hear them from the bank a block away.
My flower garden has a distinctly different look and feel to it as we head into fall.

Sept.1 Possibly the worst 1st day of school picture I've ever taken. And this was the best one of the bunch from this day. Oh well. Daniel is in 3rd grade, Sarah in 5th, Emily in 11th, and Michael in 9th. "Her 2 kids in high school, they tell her that she's uncool, but she's still preoccupied, with 19 19 1985."
I took Daniel to the dentist. They have it decorated for Amery's Fall Festival. I loved their sign.

My homework now that school started. Filling in all the forms. 1 per child. At least there were only 4 to fill out this year!

A very pretty sunset I came across one evening after it rained most of the day. Fall is most definately on its way. Once Sept 2 came, the temps have dropped, the wind seems to have changed, and it is fall.

Sept 5, and I found these in my garden. These are really the first tomatoes I've gotten from my garden this year. I didn't have much success with vegetable gardening this year. Of course, I really didn't put too much effort into it either as our tiller broke and it has yet to be replaced, and I didn't feel like tilling by hand.
Well, Have a great 4 day week.