Sunday, March 28, 2010

p365 March 22-28

I didn't set out to take a picture of a buffalo. He just sort of happened. I was riding with a friend to a meeting in the cities. We were just driving along and chatting away, when she noticed the flashing lights in her rear view mirror. "I'm getting pulled over!," she says. So, while she is finding her insurance, license, etc. I look out the window, and there is a herd of buffalo right there. Cool! So I snap a few pictures, and the VERY nice policeman lets my friend off with a warning, and we have a story to tell at our meeting. This is a picture of me posting to this blog early in the morning because while I like to try to have things posted by Sunday, sometimes it doesn't happen until Tuesday.
On Wednesday I got to chaperone the 2nd Grade to the Science Museum. 2nd grade is such the perfect age for this trip. They study dinosaurs, and then we go see them at the museum. We also saw an OmniTheatre movie. This one was on the golden ages of Arabia, which was very interesting for me, but I think it went right over the kids' heads as they kept asking "is the movie almost over? How much longer?" etc. But they had a good time. This is Daniel & friends while we were waiting for the busses.

Every year, the Art Educators in the area put on an art show for Youth Art Month. Our Art teacher picks out pieces that are done throughout the year and they get to go to the show. Alisha & Michael have both had pieces go there before. This year, Sarah's version of Matisse's 'Lady with a Green Stripe' was selected to go.

Michael's birthday was on Friday. He has a tendency to use my camera-a lot- so I got him his own camera. This is him taking a picture of his birthday cake (which is green cake with mint frosting and chocolate ganache on it.) We went to the movies as a family. Dad and Sarah & Daniel saw 'How to Train your Dragon', and the rest of us saw 'Alice in Wonderland'.

Saturday was the pinewood derby. (we got the wheels on the car at 11:00 Friday night--no matter how early they give us the car, we are not going to finish it until the night before the race.) We had a pancake breakfast before the derby, so I helped with that, and Richard helped with the weigh in. (He owns the 5 oz. calibrated weight). Daniel's car came in first for the Wolves. (o.k., there were only 3 Wolves, but he still did great. ;-) )

It had been pretty chilly all week, but my newly uncovered flowers don't seem to mind. I came home from church to find little spots of color all over the flower bed. These are the snowdrops.

have a great week!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

p365 March 15-21

So, I'm starting today's post with a picture of my pajamas. Why? Because a: they are my favorite. b: they are Daniel's favorite. He being short, his nose comes right at nuzzling level with the bear and he loves feeling and nuzzling the bear. Just a little memory that I won't have when he gets older.
After several days in the 60s, I thought I'd better check my garden beds. So I slogged out there through the mud to pull back some of the mulch. There they were! Little green points coming up through the mud & leaves! I felt like Mistress Mary in 'The Secret Garden.' I was so excited!

Wednesday night, after our Corned Beef and Cabbage dinner for St. Patrick's Day, we went to the church for Michael's Court of Honor. It was Michael's Court of Honor, because currently he is the only Scout in the troop. But he is progressing and recieved the Star Rank advancement and several merit badges.

March 18 was the 5th day in a row in the 60s. I took my Girl Scouts on a field trip to the humane society, and when I got home, this little guy was blooming happily in the garden. Earliest ever for this yard (I could get them to bloom in Feb. in Utah). It wasn't there the next day, so I think it got eaten.

Friday, it got cold again. But now I had flower fever and wanted some more, so when I saw a bunch of daffodils in the grocery store, I had to buy them!

Saturday we worked on Daniel's pinewood derby car. He's going for a pickup truck. I helped, Richard helped, Alisha helped, but Daniel did saw & sand. Now he gets to paint.

John spent spring break up north at his girlfriend's house helping her family move. I drove up half way (Hinkley, MN) to pick him up Sunday evening. On my way out, the sun was just going down, and made a rather spectacular sunset.
Off for another week. Welcome Spring!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

p365 march 8-14

Monday March 8 was Daniel's Golden Birthday. 8 on the 8th! I made these cupcakes to take to school. I think they turned out really cute! I got the instructions on
I have a wii board, but I felt like I wasn't getting the best workout I could. With this program (EAsports Active) I feel like I am. Its great! I get cardio, resistance training, etc. It has a calorie counter, an activity journal, and a resistance band. I am really enjoying it.

Wednesday, I got my candles from my party. This is one of my favorite pieces that I got.

This whole week was warm & melty. (ok., it got up to 40), but the birds are coming back. I got the picture of this guy in my yard on Thursday.
On Friday, John dissasembled his laptop to do some mantainence on it. There is NO WAY I would attempt this on my own, but he did manage to get it back together. Impressive.

Saturday came, and so did my parents. Yay! They haven't been here since August. We spent the day just hanging out. This is Sarah & my dad.
My parents came out because Daniel got baptized on Sunday. My last child to be baptized. Extra special today was that John was able to do the baptism. Michael also recieved his Duty to God-Deacon award today.
(plus-it got up to 60 degrees!!-note: no coats!)
Have a great week! I hope I have some flowers this week!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

P365 March 1-7

On Monday, Sarah started getting serious about building her diorama about the platypus, so, we made some brown clay (colored with cocoa powder-it smelled great, but not really good to eat...), and she made platypi(?) Once she painted the beaks grey, they looked like real platypus.
I have a bag for everything. That way, I don't have to dump out the bag and refill for each occasion--I have a Girl Scout bag, Cub Scout bag, church bag, school bag, quilt class bag, etc. This is the bag for my Girl Scout leader meetings. I had a meeting Tuesday night.

Wednesday night. Alisha & Michael 'mad' at each other.

On Thursday, it was Sarah's Girl Scout meeting. We made lots & lots of little catnip filled 'mice'. In a couple of weeks, we will take them to the humane society for the homeless cats. I think they turned out really cute. (we got the idea out of the Feb. Family Fun magazine).

Friday night, Richard and I went to the temple. We also stopped at the bookstore and bought Daniel's scriptures as his 8th birthday is tomorrow.

We had Daniel's party on the 6th. This is his cake. It is a cannibal cake. See the little cakes trying to run away?
Daniel got a set of these tracks for Christmas a year or two ago. For his birthday, he got some additions to the set and an extra car. So, the old set came out too, and he had great fun today building sets.
Have a great week! It is almost 50 degrees, and the snow is melting. Yay!


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