Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween time!

Having fun with the kids, we had a Halloween theme dinner tonight.

Sarah & Daniel helped me with making the mummies

the witch's hair is spaghetti squash

Sarah made the green meanies

And Alisha made our Blue Goo Cupcakes.

Afterwards, we all carved pumpkins. I waited until too late to get the $2 pumpkins from the farmers' stands, instead, I went shopping TODAY and had to pay $5 each for them! Yikes!

Emily & Michael working hard
Daniel with his finished project
Alisha busy marking a design
Alisha's finished design
Sarah's rose

This is Emily's. It is supposed to be a wolf howling at the moon, but after looking at it, she decided it looks more like a cat
So, have a safe & happy Halloween all! Our kids have the day off from school, because it was the last day of the quarter today. I have to work. On that note, one last picture of me & Ronald, who came in during my first week of work.