Sunday, July 25, 2010

p 365 July 19-25

This was a very quiet week with Richard and most of the kids in Utah this week. It was just me & Michael at home. We got the house picked up (and it stayed picked up). I started getting ready for the fair. These are the photos that I'm entering.
The phlox in my garden are at near full peak. They also are going to the fair this week.

As are my favorite giant daylillies.

On Thursday, Michael & I went to Rice Lake and went school shopping. We stopped at Norske Nook for lunch. Norske Nook serves good, homestyle Norwegian/American food. But they are most famous for their PIES. Fantastically good pies. I had a white chocolate/strawberry pie. Michael had a Peach Praline pie.

This little fellow came to our window, over the porch ledge, on the 2nd floor!!

Saturday we had some storms roll through, and then the sun came out. The clouds were really cool.

Today Michael went off to camp. That means I'm by myself until about Friday when everyone returns home. VERY quiet indeed!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

p365 July 12-July 18

Monday Evening we went to see ToyStory 3 in 3D. This is everyone before the movie started. The movie was awesome and I cried almost the whole last 10-20 minutes. I am a boob. It was our first 3D movie and I was impressed.
This is a story of my poor mountain ash tree. I love this tree. It is right in front of the house. It makes beautiful red berries. The past couple of years, the wood peckers have been poking systematic holes in the branches and drinking the sap. This year, it is especially bad, and branches are starting to die. The insects love the sappy holes and the tree is buzzing with flies, bees & butterflies.. One day my tree will be dead. :-(

Wednesday we had several hours of storms roll through. Just as I was leaving work, the storms were clearing up. This is the back end of the storm front moving away.

Thursday night we had our ward Pioneer Day Picnic at the Rhode's house. One of the kids' favorite thing to do is to play on their handcart replica. We get slow roasted bbq pork, turkey & beef brisket, potluck & then people play softball/kickball, at the next door park, or board games like Scrabble & RummiKube. Its our annual tradition.

Friday we took the teenagers to Crystal for a youth dance. That is just about 10 min from Minneapolis. It was a gorgeous evening, so we went downtown, ate on the patio of Chipotle on Nicolette Mall. Then we just spent the rest of the evening people watching & walking up and down the street. This is a cool fountain on the street. The water was falling down the pipes.

Saturday my family left. Most of them anyway. Richard took John, Emily, Sarah & Daniel and went to Utah to his parents' house. I just got a text from John that they arrived about 2 hours ago. I stayed home to get Michael to Scout Camp next week. The two of us went to see Despicable Me last night & got home just in time for another round of storms.

Saturday night I made a banana pie for potluck . Really Yummy. Unfortunately, I left it at home, and didn't remember it until I was about 10 miles from home. So, we had to eat pie when we got home. Too bad.
It will be an odd week. Very quiet, I think.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

P 365 July 5-11

July 5, I went to the farmers market in Amery and got fresh corn and other veggies. Emily likes to shuck corn, so she got right to work.

Tuesday the 4th year girls & Youth Leaders went off to camp. The rest of the girls went on Wednesday. They had a blast & came home Saturday.

One of the beautiful Asian Lillies growing in my garden surrounded by the ferns that just naturally grow here.

Thursday Sarah went to her friend Emmily's house. This is not to be confused with Emily and her friend Sara. :-)

Friday we had a ward picnic at the Roper's house on a lake (Rice Lake?) It was a gorgeous evening, and Michael got to take a ride in the kayak & Sarah & Daniel went fishing.

I LOVE sunsets, and this one was particularly stunning.

Today we had a storm and as it passed, I thought, that looks like Rainbow Weather. So I got in the van and drove to the top of the hill. Sure enough, I was able to capture this beauty. If you look carefully, you can see the faint double rainbow further to the right of the main one.
Have a great week!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

P 365 June 28-July 4 (half way through the year!!)

Well, this week marks the half way point of the year. I've really enjoyed this experiment!

I came home on Monday(June 28) and found the tree flying a kite. (Michael had something to do with it)
Happy Birthday to John! My oldest son is 20 years old. Yikes!!! Jenny came down for the week to celebrate.

June 30, John & Jenny took the kids to the park. Jenny knows more about fishing so she helped Daniel do some fishing. He actually caught a couple. Michael & Sarah caught some too. (they brought 2 of them home for the cats, but the cats had no clue what to do with a fish)

July 1, I took the kids to see 'The Last Airbender' because they'd watched the 'Avatar' series about two-three times. On our way out of the theatre, there was a roadside strawberry stand. Oh, they were so good! But we saved most of them and made some yummy jam.

Friday (July 2), Richard & I went to the temple. We hadn't been in a while and it was so nice to get back.

Yes, the quilt top is finished!! Just needs to get to the quilter.

Happy 4th of July! I thought it was real nice of Abraham Lincoln to show up in my root beer float today. (really!!)

The weather is a bit iffy, so I don't know if we get fireworks today or tomorrow.

Have a great week!