Wednesday, February 21, 2007

AUGH! and stuff...

I'm posting this from the library, so there will be no pictures today. I am having serious logging in problems with google, and the help site is no help at all--all I get is was this information helpful? I click 'no' and it just brings me back to the page I started on. Anyway, my cousin Karen suggested logging in here, to see if it will 'reset' my account. It works here, so we'll see what happens at home.

So, there were comments from my last post about the digital scrapbooking. My 2 favorite sites to visit are: (they have an excellent free e-book tutorial on how to get started) and (they have lots of freebies and challenges to get me motivated)
It is really not much more than clicking, dragging, croping, and dropping, and a fantastic way to use your digital pictures, rather than printing them all out and then figuring out what to do with them. My favorite part about it, is that if I aquire (freebie or buy) an element (paper or brad or ribbon, etc.), it is on my computer and I can use it unlimited amounts of times with no adhesive necessary!

Plans are being made for my high school 20th year reunion. Weird! It will be in Torrance, CA in August. I'm planning to bring the whole family down there to do Disneyland (they've never been) and the beach. Any suggestions to enjoy the experience (Disney wise, that is--I've never been to California Adventures--we're planning a 3 day excursion to the Disney parks) would be appreciated. I know I have cousins and friends who have worked there, so any insider tips would be great!

Guess that's it for today!

Well, that's all I have for today

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

My New Year started with a sew-a-thon. I follwoed a New Year's Day mystery quilt pattern on They gave directions once an hour during the day. By the end of the day, I had a quilt top. It's not finished, but I'll call it 'Cocoa and Marshmallows.'

As far as quilting goes- I've been trying to finish up some quilting class projects before I start anything new. The show for them is this April, so I have 2 months to get 4 quilts finished. I got 2 others finished. One was some Sunbonnet Sue blocks that I got as a block exchange back in 2002. I finally got them put together and quilted. Alisha gets that one.

I also finished one class project called a stack-n-whack. It's hard to tell from just the pictures, but it is made from chicken fabric.

My other main project this month has been digital scrapbooking. I have really gotten into this and love it so much that I don't know if I'll ever go back to paper. I have a slideshow of some of my layouts here. I've even started scanning in old pictures and finally getting them scrapped.

We had Blue and Gold Dinner this week. Michael got his Arrow of Light and crossed over to Boy Scouts. Richard served as Cubmaster for the last time.

We finally got snow on the 15th of January. It has been such a wierd winter. We still only have just 3 inches or so on the ground, but it was -24 degrees when we went to church on Sunday. School was cancelled on Monday. The kids were happy.

We had an enrichment meeting this month that focused on food storage-then we placed food storage orders. 3 of us went to the storehouse to pick it up last week, and we will get together to can it tomorrow. We also had a ward potluck dinner where everyone brought something that was made using their food storage. It was our best and biggest potluck ever. I made an apple cake from dehydrated apples.

John and Emily had an FFA Competition last week. Emily's team came in first for Quiz Bowl, and John's team came in 2nd for Parlimentary Procedure.

Emily also had Jr. High Solo/Ensemble competition this last week. She got a 1 on her vocal solo, and a 2 on her clarinet solo.

Well, I guess that gets me up to date to start my offical blog! Now, to post it and see how it works!

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