Wednesday, November 24, 2010

p365 Oct 4-Oct 10

And now the continuing STOOOORY of life in the big cabin in the little woods... October 4-Oct 10.

Part of having a wood stove, is having to chop enough wood to last the winter. October weather was so nice, that Richard (and kids) was able to get it done with plenty of time to spare.

This week was Homecoming week. This day for the elementary school was 'Nerd' Day, and this is Sarah at her nerdiest.
the fall leaves at sunset. They positively glowed.

I have been trying to get this picture all year. Hermione jumps up on the door when she wants in. She waits until she obtains eye contact
Homecoming Night. The one halftime show that our band does. This year's theme was monsters--so they performed 'Thriller', 'Monster mash' etc. Unfortunately, I missed most of it, because I was working in the concession stand. At least Richard got video

Oct 9, My Girl Scout troop went to camp Lakamaga which got made over by older Girl Scouts into 'Spookamaga'. With different 'fright sites' for the girls to go see. The weather was perfect (near 80!!) and we had a really fun time!!
I work in the nursery at church (for the 18mo- 3 yr olds). We have animal crackers and water every week. Every week, the poor animals are forced to go swimming before being eaten. EEEWWW. They get soggy, but they really have fun doing it, and the older kids teach the younger ones the trick by example. We'll have parents mention 'he/she started dunking his/her food'. Sorry. I didn't teach them that. They figured it out on their own.

Till the next post!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

P365 Sept 27-Oct 3

OK, so I HAVE been keeping up with my pictures, I just haven't been posting them. So, without further ado, here is the end of September/beginning of October.

Daniel can't quite figure out why his strategy for battleship isn't working. (especially if Michael knows his strategy and can plan for it.)

Daniel really love board games. Michael found this vintage LIFE game at Goodwill, and the kids have really had fun playing it.
This was really the most gorgeous fall. This picture looked like a postcard, so I turned it into one.

Cub Scouts have started up for the year. Here are the boys working on the physical fitness part of the Bear badge.

Another example of why people should come and visit in September.

Conference Saturday. We had a ward breakfast before Saturday morning session. This is the kids having fun while waiting for breakfast.

Conference Jelly Beans. What better way to stay awake, than to get a handful of Jelly Bellys with every speaker? :-)

Well, there is one week. I'll work on getting the other ones uploaded as well.