Saturday, December 25, 2010

p365 Oct 18-24

For Home Evening this week, we watched a video by President Uchtdorf on Patience.

Sunsets over a lake can be really gorgeous. I think this one is over Lake Wapogassett.

these two pictures are the same--the birds are added to both of them, but I photoshopped one of them--can you guess which one? :-)

We had Pack Meeting in the park. We had these cool 'firepits' made out of hollow logs. By the time the logs themselves caught fire and split in half, the insides were perfect marshmallow melting coals.

We had had our first good frosts and killed my garden down, so it was finally time to get the bulbs that I got for my birthday planted. Got to do that for spring!

This is me writing my paper....ok., the mess I leave while doing it.
We had extra pumpkins sitting around the house, so Sarah decided she wanted to make pie. So we cut it up and cooked it in the microwave, and then Sarah turned it into pie. She is turning into quite the little baker.

see y'all later

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