Saturday, January 1, 2011

p365 nov 15-21

Daniel & Sarah finish up their dinner theater play practice before Emily & I go in for Choir Practice.
When you get 6inches or more of snow in mid-Nov, it is hard to tell if winter is just teasing us, or here to stay. Judging from the cold we got with it, I would say fall is over, and winter is definitely here a month early.

Its cold, but not frozen yet. Snow on the trees & lake (Camillia).
We went to the midnight showing of Harry Potter VII pt. 1. On a school night? Why? Because I like the whole experience. The excitement of seeing the movie first. We did dress up in costume for HP VI, but we were the only ones who did, so we didn't do it this time.

Richard, Sarah and I went to a Fireside celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Minneapolis Stake. My grandparents joined the church in the late 40s. Grandpa Danielson was Branch President when one of the Branch buildings was built. This picture is a history of building the building written by Arnold Knapp that was there, and a picture that I brought of Arnold Knapp, Elder Ezra Taft Benson-who dedicated the chapel, and my Grandfather, Carl 'Al' Danielson.

We finally got the rotting jack-0-lanterns off the porch and out where the squirrels could have them.

Sarah relaxing on a Sunday after church.

Have a good day!

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