Saturday, January 1, 2011

p365 Nov 8-14

This sunrise beauty is right outside my back door. The leaves are completely gone off the trees by now.
Every year, the 3rd graders have to make robots for a class projects. (can I tell you that I groan whenever these home projects get sent home??) But this was Daniel's robot. It is a cleaning robot that runs on cookies and makes money. Now I need to figure out how to get one of those for real.
The cat loves to take naps on the computer desk. Especially if someone is doing work on it.

Daniel's Bear Troop visited the Police Station. They were most excited to get their fingerprints taken.

Sarah, Daniel, Emily and I went to see Clear Lake Theatre's production of 'Phantom of the Soap Opera.' I was doing dinner theatre, so I couldn't be in this one, but it was very cute and fun to watch.

We got a good snowfall on Nov 13. Enough heavy, wet snow to build a snowman. We didn't get any of that kind of snow all winter last year. Usually, when it is cold, it is just light fluffy stuff that won't pack.
Our beautiful, snow-covered tree. Winter is here (mid-November) ready or not.


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